Wednesday, July 16, 2014


(Alternatively titled: I'm a terrible person and am not fit for adulthood)

I turned 18 in March. I graduated from high school a month ago. In a few months I will be heading off to college, to live away from my family. I'm starting to transition into adulthood but yet I still can't be trusted around money. 
Like I said, I graduated this month so I received a lot of money from my relatives. Luckily my tuition next year isn't too expensive and I'll be able to cover it with my summer job, so I looked at this money as my "fun money." Kind of a "I'm going to college in a few months and will never be able to spend any money on myself so fuck it I'm treating myself" thing. This is a good thing for you guys, because these products will generate a lot of content in the coming weeks. It's not such a good thing for my bank account but yolo, right? (Did I just say yolo? Ugh) Anyways, I was super excited and wanted to quickly show you guys what I bought!

From Mac I ordered Ruby Woo lipstick (!!!!!!), the 217 blending brush, and strobe cream (not pictured as it was back-ordered and won't arrive for a few more days)!

(A swatch because I am literally so in love with it)

I ordered 4 lip glosses from a shop on Etsy called Fierce Magenta. I plan to do a separate post on these so that you guys can really see how amazing they are! The ones I got are Esmeralda, Cleopatra's Pride, Astro Lilac, and Diamond Cluster.

The Nyx portion of the haul is the largest. I originally went on the Nyx site looking for the new Macaron lippies but they were all sold out *sad face*. However I received a 25% off coupon code for signing up for their emails and I just couldn't wait to use it....I'll start with two powder blushes, Flamingo and Taupe. I've heard from a lot of bloggers that Taupe is a good contour shade so I'm excited to try it out!

I ordered three Jumbo Eye Pencils: Milk, Cucumber and Electric Blue. These pencils are so great because they act as a base, an eyeshadow and/or a liner!

I also purchased three pencil eyeliners: Sapphire, Gray, and Emerald City. Pretty basic colors.

More in the eye liner category: Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold and Crystal Silver. Because I always need more glitter in my life.

My last Nyx products are three lipliners: Black Berry, Orange, and Hot Red. I don't own a black lipstick so I hope this lipliner will be as opaque and long-wearing as a lipstick could be.

So that's everything I bought! I don't really know how to translate hauls into blog posts so I hope this wasn't too weird! Let me know if you want to see a more in-depth review of any of the products!

Talk 2 u l8r,

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