Sunday, August 31, 2014

SHOW & TELL: Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Guys! I need to tell you that I have discovered my new favorite eyeshadow palette. I have used this baby once and I immediately knew I had to share it on this blog. This is the Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Ultra Mattes v1 Brights Palette. Damn that is the longest product name ever. I bought this on Sleek's website  for a total of $10.34 including shipping. I have always lusted after Sugarpill palettes and when the Urban Decay Electric palette came out I wanted to die. However as you know I am broke as a joke so the price tag on this palette is almost the whole reason why I bought it but the quality is why I will recommend it. The shadows are all pigmented and buttery for the most part. The only shadow that was "chalky" like matte shadows tend to be was the white shade, Pow!. I have only used it as a highlight shade and to blend out harsh lines so it hasn't been a problem for me. Also I experience little fall out with these shadows except the deep green Dragon Fly. That shadow is so soft that it basically crumbled every time I put my brush into it and I ended up with a lot of green under my eyes. The only other shadow I have had problems with is Crete, which is a basic light grey. I find that this is not particularly pigmented but it wasn't a color I was really excited about or anything so I don't mind.

For the price this palette cannot be beat. It has a lot of similar colors from the Electric palette (keep in mind this palette is completely matte) and is a great value. There are 12 shadows that are .03 oz each compared to the Electric palette which has 10 .04 oz shadows. Obviously this is not an exact dupe for any of the high end eyeshadow palettes, but it is definitely an amazing option for someone on a budget or just someone who needs more matte, bright goodness in their life!

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