Thursday, November 21, 2013

Simple & Classy OOTD

I wanted to get a post up on here as soon as I could, so here's a look at my outfit yesterday. It was simple, but I liked it a lot of some reason. I felt classier and more polished than I normally do. I think it might be a side effect of the pointy toed shoes. How can you not feel a little glamorous wearing pointy toed shoes? Read on for more detail shots!

(Sweater from Express; Necklace from H&M)

Here's a closer look at my sweater and necklace. This sweater was actually my mom's but she handed it down to me, which I was super excited about because I've been really big into the black and white speckled knit thing this fall. My go to accessory lately has been this chunky gold necklace I picked up at h&m a while back. I think it's the perfect amount of bling for any outfit. My lipstick is the Maybelline Vivid lipstick in Vivid Rose, which is a gorgeous amazing wonderful pigmented long-wearing lipstick. I can't say enough good things about it. 

(Jeans from Torrid; Flats from Charlotte Ruse)

Here's a closer look at the shoes, too! These are actually the shoes I wore to homecoming this year. I picked them because I knew I would wear them after the occasion (and I'm 5'8" so I didn't need a pair of heels lol). They are actually open in the back and there are two straps that criss-cross around the ankles, but my feet are too gross to take a picture of. Trust me, it's better to see them from the front. I got these for around $30 at Charlotte Ruse, which is my favorite place to shop for shoes online. The store itself isn't my style at all, but they have a great cheap shoe selection. 

This was the worlds most boring outfit, but I really liked it so I decided to share. We've reached the point here in Maine where it's starting to get too cold to dress cutely, so ootds may be sparse for a few months (I wore fleece-lined leggings today if that's any indication to how cold it is and how little I care about my appearance.)

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