Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nail of the Week!

I know this is another quick and easy post, but I really want to get some content up on here! This week I'll be sure to make some quality posts, I swear! 
This polish is OPI's Planks a Lot from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Read on for more details!

(Here's a few shots of the color on my nails. The one on top is with no flash, the one below is with flash)

This color is a gorgeous dusty purple creme. It leans more blue than pink and has a dark muted look.  I think dusty or dirty is a good description for all of the polishes in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, which I own most of. I got this polish at TJ Maxx for half the normal price. If you don't check the cosmetics section at your local TJ Maxx you are really missing out, because they might have a ton of nail polish! It's always hit or miss with a store like that, but most of my polish collection was purchased at TJ Maxx for half price. 
This polish has a nice formula and it was full coverage in two coats. It has a little bit of a jelly-like formula, it's not a crelly but it's definitely not as thick or creme-like as other polishes. I don't care for OPI's brushes, but this was actually easy to apply. 
Thanks for reading, see you guys later this week with a more interesting post, I promise! 

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